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At Western Carolina University, English takes students where they want to go. Alumni include journalists, lawyers, writers, bankers, children’s authors, technical editors and NASCAR publicists. The university’s English program offers students a Bachelor of Arts degree with concentrations in literature, professional writing and motion picture studies. Taught by professors who are experts and enthusiasts in diverse subject areas, students routinely augment their learning through literary, creative and research opportunities. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that English majors lead not only the university but also the nation in service, undergraduate research and community engagement.

What You'll Learn

The degree program prepares students for active engagement and professional success in an incredible range of career areas. In addition to liberal studies, language and introductory courses, the curriculum includes upper-level courses and electives designed to allow students to immerse themselves in their areas of concentration. Students learn from faculty members who encourage them to think critically, communicate effectively and make connections between their studies and professional aspirations. Outside of the classroom, students broaden their educational experience through organizations and clubs such as the WCU English Department Spring Literary Festival, Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society and The Creative Writing Club. The university supports English majors by offering a number of dedicated scholarship and award opportunities.

Where You'll Go

In today’s job market, employers consistently look for potential employees who are critical and creative thinkers, and articulate professionals—WCU English graduates exceed these expectations. Literature graduates become teachers, technical writers, biographers, artists, reporters, photographers, web designers and technical support specialists. Motion picture studies graduates find work in advertising, politics, the military, business and government, and institutions and organizations that use visual productions to promote products and engage audiences. Professional writing graduates enjoy opportunities in a variety of fields, including marketing, public relations, technical writing and mass media. Alternately, many graduates choose to pursue graduate and professional studies in English, linguistics, writing, law and education in order to deepen their knowledge and further expand their career opportunities.

Next Steps

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