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Welcome to Suite 201

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Suite 201 Advising Team

The mission of the College of Education and Allied Professions' student success center, Suite 201, is to develop a college-wide system of support by centralizing the functions related to recruitment, preparation, induction, and professional development for teachers. Suite 201 also seeks to promote a seamless continuum for the ongoing development of professional educators. 

Advising and outreach for CEAP has grown in recent years as we work with faculty and students in undergraduate, graduate, residential, and online programs. Student (and beginning teacher) success is our mission and we feel strongly that Suite 201 inside the Killian Building is a welcoming and bustling place for students to come for services, meetings, and even just to hang out.

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Suite 201 Contacts

Bridget Lopez Pic


Bridget Lopez
Academic Advisor
Inclusive Education (BSEd), Elementary Education (BSEd), Music Education (BSEd), and Special Education (Certification, MAT, & MAEd)
Office 201 E

Developer | Strategic | Positivity | Includer | Belief

Heather McGuire Pic


Heather McGuire
Senior Academic Advisor
Health & Physical Ed. (BSEd), Math Ed. (BSEd), Science Ed. (BSEd), Social Science Ed. (BSEd), and Elementary & Middle Grades Ed. (MAEd)
Office 201 C

Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach
Maximizer | Relator | Input | Learner | Intellection

Greg McLamb


Greg McLamb
Academic Advisor
Birth to Kindergarten and Social Science Education (BSEd)
Office 201 G

Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach
Context | Empathy | Positivity | Developer | Includer

Jenny Stewart Pic


Jenny Stewart
Director of Student Success and Academic Advisor
Middle Grades Education (BSEd) and English Education (BSEd)
Office 201 B

Responsibility | Adaptability | Relator | Arranger | Belief

Tabatha Gillett Pic


Tabatha Gillett
Academic Advisor
Elementary Education, Music Education (BSEd), and Special Education (MAT and MAEd)
Office 201 D

Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach
Harmony | Consistency | Connectedness | Restorative | Empathy

Rachel Wike


Rachel Wike
Licensure Officer and Coordinator of Teacher Education Admissions
Office 201 A

Amanda Chapman Photo


Amanda Chapman
Director of the Office of Field Experiences
Office 201 K

Monica Miller Pic


Monica Miller
Lead Field Supervisor, Office of Field Experiences
Office 201 M
Dr. Tara Campbell
Early Field Experience Placement Coordinator & Instructor, Office of Field Experiences
Office 201 N

Deb Henry Pic


Deb Henry
Academic Advisor - Birth to Kindergarten and Art Education (BSEd)
Office 201 F

Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach
Relator | Developer | Empathy | Achiever | Maximizer

Lee Nickles Pic


Dr. Lee Nickles
Associate Dean, College of Education and Allied Professions
Office 201 L
Jane Cochrane
Administrative Support Specialist
Office 201 H
Office of Web Services