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Teacher Education Application

Students who plan to receive a degree or certification in education and a teaching license through WCU must apply for and be officially admitted to a teacher education program. Acceptance and registration in a department does not guarantee admission to the Teacher Education program. Graduate and licensure-only students must formally apply to Teacher Education during the first semester of their academic programs.

MAT and alternative licensure (licensure-only) candidates should complete and submit the Application for Admission to Teacher Education via Tk20 after ALL admission requirements have been met.

It is recommended that candidates move forward with completion of the Background Check Review and University Sanction application soon after admission to the university. This application can be found in the candidate's Tk20 account.

All Students must purchase a Tk20 subscription and purchase a background check via Certiphi (see the Office of Field Experiences for more information on the background check policy).

This page is intended for MAT and Licensure only students. BSED/BS Candidates should follow Teacher Education Admission requirements.

  • Completion of a four-year degree (or more) with a 2.75 GPA (or higher)
  • Earn (and maintain) a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 on hours attempted at WCU.
  • Have an active account with the Tk20 electronic portfolio system. (see directions here).
  • Confirmation of criminal background check via WCU's approved background check vendor. See the Office of Field Experiences for more information on the background check policy.
  • Application for Admission to Teacher Education in Tk20, including

Signed Professional Dispositions Contract

Professional Beliefs About Diversity

If applicable, Statement of Applicant supporting material about any past record of suspended or revoked license to teach, criminal charges and/or convictions (excluding minor traffic violations), and/or any university disciplinary action, even if the charges were dismissed.

The applicant’s fitness for teaching in the chosen area is determined on the basis of demonstrated academic ability and other personal dispositions conducive to effective teaching. A student may be considered suitable in one area and unsuitable in another. Students with speech defects that will interfere with successful teaching may be required to undergo corrective therapy.

Students are responsible for purchasing a subscription to Tk20, our electronic portfolio system, to be admitted to the program and complete program requirements. If you need assistance with electronic portfolio questions or concerns, please contact

If you have questions regarding application materials, please contact Rachel Wike, licensure officer and coordinator of teacher education admissions, at

The requirements for continuing in the TE program are:

  • GPA of at least 2.75 on hours attempted
  • Behavior which adheres to the North Carolina code of ethics for teachers and the professional dispositions of the College of Education and Allied Professions.
  • Satisfactory participation in the required professional laboratory program that is prerequisite to student teaching. An evaluation of each field experience assignment will become a part of the student’s professional record.

If a student fails any two courses in the professional education sequence or the same course twice in the professional education sequence, the student is withdrawn from Teacher Education and will not be recommended for licensure by WCU.

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