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Dr. Kirk Smith Scholarship

Dr. Kirk Smith


This scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Kirk Smith for his contribution and love of teaching and WCU. Dr. Kirk Smith was a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology graduating with an Industrial Engineering degree in 1974. He worked in many different roles before ending his career at WCU as a faculty member of human resources development, where he worked part-time for two years and full time from 2010-2016. Kirk was excited about his work, diligently seeking to do his absolute best in enriching the lives of others be It through Is training or teaching. He will be remembered for his kindness, and gentle, positive outlook on life.

This scholarship provides support to students in the College of Education and Allied Professions.


  • 3.0 GPA
  • Major in the College of Education and Allied Professions
  • Preference given to students in the Human Services Department
  • Preference given to students with financial need
  • This scholarship is renewable to a maximum of three years as long as the recipient continues to meet all eligibility requirements.

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Lavonda Brown - Human Resources program

Shelvia Ashford

Shelvia Ashford - Human Resources program

Receiving the Dr. Kirk Smith Endowed Scholarship has helped reduce some of the financial burdens on me, giving me peace of mind, and will encourage and allow me to proceed with my educational dreams of obtaining a Master’s in Human Resources Management. This scholarship means more to me than just obtaining money; it also means that I am viewed as having potential for the future of our society. I will continuously have individuals to thank for my accomplishments, and I greatly appreciate the generous financial support I have been given to pursue my education. Thank you, Dr. Kirk Smith Endowed Scholarship Committee and Western Carolina University. I hope to give back and help mentor the next generation of human resources professionals. 

Alexis Harp - Higher Education Student Affairs program

Terrell Taylor - Human Resources program

Terrell Taylor - Human Resources program

I’m humbly grateful for being selected as a Dr. Kirk Smith Scholar for this 2022-2023 school year. Growing up in a low-income household, financials had always been of concern. Even after completing my bachelor’s degree, I had been a little concerned about accruing more debt while in graduate school. Being a Dr. Kirk Smith Scholar has alleviated that concern and has motivated me to successfully complete my master’s in human resources degree. Now that I’m at the finish line and due to graduate on May 12, 2023, I’ll continue to remain humbly grateful for being selected, and I know that this scholarship will do a great deal for future recipients.


Erin Waddell - EOE program

Erin Waddell - Experiential and Outdoor Education program

I have been given the privilege of being a recipient of the Kirk Smith Scholarship, and I am so thankful for this scholarship. It has helped me every semester during my graduate studies here at WCU (four semesters)! I have always been thankful for those who are willing to help students during their academic years, and scholarships like these make a huge difference in students' lives. Personally, having this scholarship was a load off my mind and helped pay for some of my expenses so I could focus on my studies. I am now graduating Spring 2023 as an Experiential and Outdoor Education master's student, and I can't thank this scholarship enough for helping me on my journey. Thank you!

Amanda Allen - Human Resources program
Erin Waddell - Experiential and Outdoor Education program

Amanda Allen - Human Resources program

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