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Sociology Program

Yiqing w/SOC Students


If you find yourself questioning the social causes for conditions such as poverty, family changes, community development, crime, gender and racial inequality then sociology is the major for you.

Sociology provides students who are interested in exploring the social and cultural influences on society and the individual an opportunity to do so using theory and the scientific method. The sociology program at Western Carolina University provides a variety of courses and classroom experiences that guide students in applying the knowledge they gain to real life situations. According to the American Sociological Association, sociology majors should highlight the following on their resumes as major skill sets. Visit the ASA’s Careers in Sociology page for resources and more information regarding what you can do with your undergraduate degree in sociology.

  • Conduct Research and Analyze Data: Learn both qualitative and quantitative research methods. This will allow you to recognize trends and patterns and produce social statistics such as those used in market research, opinion polling, sales, and countless other applications.
  • Communicate Skillfully: Learn how to convey your ideas effectively in writing and presentations.
  • Practice Critical Thinking: Learn to look beyond the surface of issues to discover the"why". Build your analytical skills. Solve problems and identify opportunities.
  • Gain a Global Perspective: Learn about different cultures and how to analyze the interactions of groups and societies through a global and historical perspective.
  • Prepare for Graduate School: An undergraduate major in sociology provides an excellent foundation for graduate study in a wide range of fields including law, business, social work, medicine, public health, public administration and, of course, sociology.

Sociology students graduate with key job skills identified by the National Assosiation of Colleges and Employers.NACE Career Readiness: Written and Oral Communication, Critical Thinking, Equity and Inclusion, and Teamwork. Through the coursework, research projects, community engagement required in the sociology major students develop these skills that will make them competitive for some of the most in demand jobs.

Sociology Clubs & Organizations

Sociology Club

Sociology Club is also open to others interested in sociological theory and social issues. The sociology club:

  • Engages students in developing a sociological imagination
  • Encourages them to participate in activities that will benefit themselves and the community.
  • Provides an eye opening experience for WCU students and anyone in the surrounding community regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic background, age, disability or sexual orientation.
  • Promotes empathy with the human condition locally and globally as well as community services for the well-being of all without discrimination.

For more information, contact faculty advisor Dr. Jessica Casimir-Vadeboncoeur at

Alpha Kappa Delta at WCU

Alpha Kappa Delta is the honor society for Sociology and students are invited to participate. For more information, contact faculty advisor Dr. Yiqing Yang at

Learn more about Alpha Kappa Delta

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