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MATH 100: Precalculus I Support

Precalculus I Support (MATH 100), is a one credit-hour, two contact-hour course designed to support students in MATH 130 (Precalculus I).  Math 100 is taught by the same faculty who teach MATH 130, so the work you do in both courses is complementary.  To put it another way, the concepts underlying the content you learn in MATH 130 are reinforced in MATH 100. If you are in a major that requires precalculus or calculus, and you are placed into MATH 130, then you are also registered for MATH 100. 

Not every student who is registered for MATH 100 and 130 will stay in both courses.  Students can take ALEKS and withdraw from MATH 100 if they earn a certain score. See the Math Placement and ALEKS page for more information.

Students can learn more about Math Placement, ALEKS, and resoureces for being successful in their math class(es) by clicking on the link to the right.  Please reach out to the Mathematics Tutoring Center (828-227-3830) or the Mathematics and Computer Science Department (828-227-7245) with questions. We are here to help!

FAQ's About MATH 100

Why am I in MATH 100?

A Math Placement score of 5 or 10 places you in both MATH 100 Precalculus I Support and MATH 130 Precalculus I Your Math Placement score was determined by a combination of your best SAT or ACT Math scores, and your unweighted high school GPA, OR your ALEKS score. 

Can I register for MATH 130 by itself?

No, you must register for a section of MATH 100 and its companion MATH 130 section at the same time. Registration is done in pairs of sections with the same instructor. For example, MATH 100-01 and MATH 130-01 must be taken together.

Can I test out of MATH 100?

You can take ALEKS and potentially exempt Math 100.

Is MATH 100 just a review class for high school math?

Not necessarily.  It is a course designed to give you extra support to succeed on your path through precalculus (the Functions Pathway).  You may not have seen some of the content, depending on which mathematics courses you took in high school.  MATH 100 is a corequisite course for MATH 130; it is a support that runs parallel to MATH 130, as opposed to a prerequisite.  A recent study has shown that: “…students placed into corequisite classes were 15 percentage points more likely to pass a gateway math course…within one year of enrollment than similar students placed into traditional remedial courses”.

What is covered in MATH 100?
The content covers, but is not limited to real number properties, solving equations, identifying variables including units, algebraic manipulation of expressions, graphs, and systems of equations.

I am pretty good at algebra already, so why do I need MATH 100?

You may not. If you feel like you do not need the support , you should take ALEKS.

What if I just need a review of some stuff, but I really feel like I should not have to take MATH 100?

You should contact the Math Tutoring Center at or call 828-227-3830. You can also visit the Math Tutoring Center in Killian Annex 214.

I don’t think I should have to take MATH 100. Who should I talk to about dropping it?

You should speak with your Professional Advisor and/or your Faculty Advisor, first.  You cannot withdraw from MATH 100 without also withdrawing from MATH 130 as well. If this is after the drop/add period this will incur 4 credits of W applied to your WCU TOTAL LIMIT of 16 credits.

Does MATH 100 count as a Liberal Studies class?

No, but MATH 130 satisfies the Liberal Studies Core 2 Mathematics (LS C2) requirement.

If I receive a U in MATH 100, but pass MATH 130, do I have to retake both?

No.  If you pass MATH 130 then you have completed your LS C2 requirement and you can proceed to MATH 146 if you need to, without having to repeat MATH 100.

If I pass MATH 100, but fail MATH 130, do I have to retake both?

No. You do not have to retake MATH 100 if you passed it.  You will be required to retake MATH 130 if you need it for your major or if it is a pre-requisite for a math requirement for your major.

Does MATH 100 count in my GPA?

Students can earn you an A, B, C or U. The U will not count against your GPA, but the A, B, or C will be counted. The U (unsatisfactory) stands as the grade earned in MATH 100 and is visible on your transcript.

Do the grades I earn in MATH 100 and MATH 130 average together, or are they separate?

They are separate grades.

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