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IT Division Mission

Our Mission

We support the mission of WCU by enabling the effective, efficient, and strategic use of technology in building an empowered and informed university and by cultivating a knowledgeable and engaged IT staffs.

Our Vision

The IT Division will be a model for the strategic and effective use of information technology, partnering with the university community to positively impact lives.

Our Values

We strive to serve with transparency, integrity, innovation, excellence, accountability, and together we celebrate the diversity and inclusion of ideas and people.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. We embrace the important responsibility and role IT has in the university’s core values of Excellence, Scholarship, and Teaching and Learning.
  2. We stand dedicated to critical system stability by being firmly rooted in a culture of proactiveness, process improvement, and prevention of issues and recurring problems.
  3. We commit ourselves to providing best in class service, investing in our people, and encouraging cross-disciplinary collaboration with a commitment towards achieving shared goals.  
  4. We focus on continuous improvement, seeking opportunities to challenge ourselves, to be receptive to new ideas and solutions and to be good stewards of resources.
  5. We learn and grow to systemically address diversity, equal opportunity, and belonging as areas of continual improvement in process and practice.
  6. We are open and honest with our university partners, keeping them up to date on the status of our work.  
  7. We manage risk effectively, communicate issues appropriately, protect user data and privacy, assess data security risks, and maintain honest accounting of all information.
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