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SECU Public Fellows Internship Program

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Have you ever been interested in an internship experience in your field that allows you to give back to your community?!

SECU Public Fellows Internship Program sounds like the perfect opportunity for you!

This program connects interested, and talented undergraduate students with internship experiences in your field of interest and allows you to give back to your community!

APPLICATIONS ARE FULL FOR SUMMER 2024. Application for Summer 2025 will open Fall 2024. Please email with any questions.


The SECU Foundation established the SECU Public Fellows Internship Program to connect interested, talented undergraduate students with leadership to obtain meaningful on-the-job experience with a local agency or organization.

The organization will provide a unique learning opportunity to allow the SECU Public Fellows Intern to give back to his/her community. An objective of the internship program is to help build capacity for underserved areas and help reduce the talent drain from rural communities in North Carolina.

Program Details

The SECU Public Fellow Interns are required to perform 300 hours at their internship site, and participate in professional development sessions at the WCU Center for Career and Professional Development to help hone in on their skills.

Students who are accepted into the program are awarded up to $5,000 for their experience. Applications are accepted early in the Spring semester each year.


  1. Students are selected from a competitive pool and need to showcase interest in community involvement and dedication to enhancing their own career goals.
  2. Students are able to select an internship site that fits their career and professional goals.
  3. If you are already volunteering in an organization, and would like to get paid for your work this summer, this may be a right fit for you!

Students Must Meet the Following Requirements:

  • Undergraduate Students ONLY
  • Students will be from the following Majors:
    • Sociology
    • Psychology
    • Political Science
    • History
    • World Languages
    • Anthropology
    • Philosophy and Religion
    • Communication
    • English
  • Have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA.
  • Be Resident of North Carolina or be listed as In-State Student at WCU.
  • Be able to articulate career goals and how these goals will influence change in the world around them through an application essay.
  • Have demonstrated prior commitment to civic engagement and/or community leadership.
  • Will demonstrate strong written and oral communication skills, and be able to use technology effectively.
  • Students will not be graduating seniors or graduate students.
  • Students will not be related to an employee of the SECU or SECU Foundation.
  • Students will not have participated in the SECU Public Fellows Internship Program previously.

Interested? Contact Us

  • For more information, contact the Center for Career & Professional Development at 828.227.7133 or
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