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Event Services

Welcome to Event Services

Whether you are planning a 1 day event or a week long conference, the WCU Event Services office has you covered.  Groups that choose our campus will have access to a variety of state of the art meeting spaces, comfortable residential facilities, top-rated food service providers, audio-visual technical support, great recreational opportunities all in a beautiful, scenic mountain setting.  

Panoramic View of Plaza, Balsam and Blue Ridge Residence Halls


Our experienced staff at Western Carolina University can provide all the various services and resources needed to make your event successful.  We are committed to excellence when it comes to providing a 'one stop shop' approach to event planning and coordinating accommodations, dining and meeting spaces.   

If you haven't had a chance to visit campus personally, we welcome you to reach out to us for a personal tour of the campus and facilities to help solidify your decision! 

If you are looking to host a summer event (camp/conference), planning can start as early as a year out.  Our office begins planning for the summer season the fall before and most contracts are completed by November.  By Spring, we ask that most programmatic efforts for the event have been created so we can ensure that space and accomodations can be finalized. 

If you are looking to host a 1 day drive-in event, whether it be during the acadmic year or summer, we would love to partner with you on your occasion.  1 day events can be hosted in various locations througout campus and our office takes pride in coordinating all aspects from the print shop to parking. 

For large scale events (700+), please consider reaching out as soon as you know you want Western Carolina University to host.  Organizing a large scale event involves many details, and we want to make sure we can meet all your requests and accomodations.

There are several University policies and procedures that are applicable to Event Services.  We have linked the ones that are of utmost importance to hosting your event here at Western Carolina Univeristy.  

A Standard Facilities Use Agreement is required for all external organziations desiring to host/stay on campus.  

Additionally, we take great pride in protecting minors (0-17) on our campus.  Any groups looking to bring minors on campus, must adhere to the minors policy. 

Thank you for considering Western Carolina University to host your event.  For more information, please fill out this Inquiry Form regarding your event.  

We look forward to connecting with you!

Q:  Do you only host events that are acdemic related? 
No!  During the summer and throughout the academic year, we enjoy hosting various groups on our campus, including (but not limited to): athletic, religious/faith-based, workshops (academic and research) to name a few.

Q: Can you accomodate a group overnight during the academic school year? 

We are unable to host overnight events during the academic year but can offer insight into local hotels.  Organizers would be responsible for booking outside of Western Carolina University. 

Q: How far in advance can I book my event? 

Great question!  As previously mentioned in the "Event Timeline" section, we start planning for the following summer a year (and sometimes more) in advance.  While we will do our best to accomodate late requests there is no guarantee.  

Q: Is there a minimum size for my group?

There is no minimum for your group!  We have had as small as four and have hosted groups larger than a 1000.  We do ask that you keep us updated as we get to closer to your event as numbers change.  Once dining guaranteed numbers are placed (10 days prior), you will be charged.  Regarding housing accomodations, we will only charge for those who come to the event.  

Q: What kind of accomodations do you offer for overnight events?

Throughout the summer, we have several buildings available for guests to fit various needs.  

For information on all aspects of your event, feel free to browse our website and connect with us via email or by submitting an inquiry.  

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