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Awarding Scholarships

Each year the university awards named scholarships, made possible through the generosity of hundreds of individuals and organizations. View a complete list of endowed named scholarships offering crucial support to WCU students.

Supporting Scholarships

Scholarship funds fall into two general categories:

  • Endowed scholarship funds - Endowed scholarships are WCU's number one philanthropic priority and can be established with a single payment or can be built with payments over a period of five years to reach the minimum endowment level of $25,000. Once fully vested, the fund will pay an annual distribution in perpetuity that will be used as the scholarship award.
  • Annual scholarship funds - An annual scholarship fund provides an award to a current student for an academic year with no long-term investment of money used to establish the fund. A named annual scholarship  fund can be established for a minimum of $5,000 total commitment, to be paid over five years. 

In addition to the type of scholarship, donors may choose criteria for the award including academic merit, degree program or college, demonstrated leadership, participation in student activities, athletics, financial need, or any combination of preferences.
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Scholarship Timeline


Meet WCU Scholars

WCU invites scholarship and programmatic donors and representatives every year to the Scholars Showcase to have an opportunity to connect. 

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