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University Policy 71

Children in the Workplace or Unsupervised on Campus

Initially approved April 3, 2000

Policy Topic: Personnel
Administering Office: Office of Human Resources

On occasion, young children have been brought to the University campus and have remained for extended periods of time either in a work area under parental supervision or elsewhere on campus without supervision. Most often, these occurrences are in Summer, on snow days during Winter, on holidays, and at other times when public schools and day care facilities are either closed or inaccessible.

While sympathetic with the difficulties parents may encounter in arranging supervisory care for their children, the University, for several compelling reasons, cannot accommodate children in campus workplaces or in unsupervised circumstances on campus. These reasons include risks of injury, disruption of classes and other normal University operations, and diversion of employee time and attention from job performance.

Accordingly, the following University policies are promulgated:

  • Children under the age of 14, when on campus, must be accompanied by a responsible older person or be properly enrolled in a supervised University activity.
  • Children may not be present in a parent or caretaker's campus workplace for extended periods of time.
  • Supervisors are encouraged to accommodate employees as much as possible in scheduling sick and annual leave to provide or arrange child care.
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