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University Policy 69

Re-Hiring an Individual Previously Terminated from Employment by WCU

Initially approved November 22, 1999
Technical Changes March 13, 2017

Policy Topic: Personnel
Administering Office: Human Resources and Academic Affairs

As a general rule, applicants will not be considered for employment if they previously were terminated from employment at Western Carolina University. Exceptions to the general rule may be granted as described below.

No employment applicant who has been terminated from WCU may be rehired without an approved re-hire justification signed by the hiring division head.* No justification may be approved until the hiring division head discusses the applicant with the head of the unit that terminated the applicant's previous employment. The justification, approved or disapproved, must be made a part of the applicant's file.

For SHRA applicants, the Office of Human Resources will notify hiring units whenever a job applicant has previously been terminated from a position at WCU. The re-hire justification must be forwarded by the department head of the hiring unit to the appropriate vice chancellor.

For faculty and EHRA non-faculty applicants, the search committee should check with the Office of Human Resources before making a recommendation, to determine whether the applicant had been terminated earlier by WCU. If the applicant was terminated, a re-hire justification must be forwarded through the appropriate dean to the appropriate division head. This applies to, but is not limited to, tenure-track faculty who are denied either reappointment or tenure.

*For applicants in the Chancellor's Division, substitute "chancellor" for "division head" whenever the latter appears.

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