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University Policy 44

Safe and Healthful Working Conditions

Formerly Executive Memorandum 91-100
Initially approved May 1, 1991
Revised June 5, 2006

Policy Topic: University Facilities and State Owned Property; Personnel
Administering Office: University Safety Office (Facilities Management Department)

It is the policy of Western Carolina University to strive to provide safe and healthful working conditions for its employees. The University Safety and Health Program is intended to serve this policy objective and achieve compliance with statutory mandates related to occupational safety and environmental health standards.

The program's effectiveness depends upon awareness of and active participation in its components by faculty members, administrators, staff, and student employees. It is recognized that the workplace cannot always be risk free. However, through work planning and management, the safety hazards associated with jobs can usually be identified, and safety measures can be applied to eliminate those that are controllable. It is a basic responsibility of unit supervisors to know the safety and health procedures that are required, instruct their employees, provide equipment to do the job safely, and monitor compliance. Employees have an obligation to follow safety procedures and to use safety equipment.

The University Safety & Health Program Manual contains the organizational structure, policies, and procedures necessary to administer compliance with the program. Deans, directors, and department heads should familiarize themselves with this manual and work closely with the campus Safety/Risk Management Director on specific safety and health matters to ensure that compliance is achieved and maintained.

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