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University Policy 19

Licensing of Music

Formerly Executive Memorandum 79-43
Initially approved April 1, 1979
Revised June 1, 1999

Policy Topic: Governance and Administration
Administering Office: Legal Counsel

As a result of the Copyright Law, the University enters into agreements with the organizations controlling the licensing of music, including the setting of fees required to be paid for the use of music as entertainment in various functions. It is required that we pay certain licensing fees to these organizations, and a procedure has been established for assessment and assurance of payment of the licensing fees.

The Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs has been designated as the individual responsible for determining the fees that are owed by the institution and for collecting these fees from the appropriate sources, depending upon the obligations incurred. ANY AND ALL musical performances on the campus must be brought to the Associate Vice Chancellor's attention in order that proper records can be established and the legal and contractual obligations of the institution fulfilled.

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